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Thank You for Volunteering!

Did you know it takes more than 300 volunteers over 6 months to produce the All in for Autism event? Without you, this great day would never happen! Here are a few items to help you have the best volunteer experience possible.

  • Register as an Individual
    All volunteers should register as individuals (group registration of volunteers is no longer supported). Please use an email address unique to you so we know how to communicate with you. Event timings and locations can and do change, so please watch your email.
  • Register a Mobile Phone (required field)
    Each volunteer should register a mobile phone they will have with them during the event(s) and can use to place or receive calls or texts in the event of an emergency.
  • 13 years or older welcome
    While all ages are welcome, ages 12 and under must be accompanied by a guardian age 18 or over.
  • Tell us your Volunteer Organization (required field)
    Volunteering from a school? Tell us which one! Did a sponsor tell you about the event? Let us know who to thank! Found us through VolunteerMatch? Let us know that. Simply write in the organization that told you about the event, or who you represent. (BBRC Members: Enter BBRC)
  • Community Service Credit Encouraged!
    We happily verify community service. You must pre-register as an individual with an email address unique to youCheck in at your event to be eligible for verificationComplete service verification within 30 days of your event. We cannot ensure verification unless you follow these steps.

You will receive a thank you email as soon as you sign up, and a reminder email a few days before your event. If your plans change, reply to that email (or contact right away.

By registering, you indicate you understand the above and that you agree to receive communications from All in for Autism by email, phone, or text. (Carrier charges may apply – see your carrier).

Thanks for volunteering and we look forward to seeing you!